Hari Krishna

Harikrishna is an accomplished entrepreneur, having started his journey at the age of 23 and successfully built four companies in just 6 years. Known for his innovative approach, he actively seeks out new challenges to fuel his passion for business and impactful change.

Prudhvi Rani

Chief Operating Officer at KPR Techno


“We Live IT, We Love IT and We Breathe IT”

Just as the backbone is crucial to the body, so is a skilled and committed team of professionals for any organization. The direct correlation between the quality of IT solutions and the excellence of the professionals behind it cannot be overlooked. At KPR Techno, we pride ourselves on our outstanding team of professionals.

Comprised of enthusiastic, youthful professionals, our team boasts an average of over 14 years of experience in both business and IT. Forty percent of our team members have a respectable 6 to 9 years of professional experience while the remaining 30% bring to the table a minimum of three years of experience, all excelling under the guidance of their seasoned superiors.

Our team members are proud graduates from renowned universities and have showcased their prowess both during their studies and in their previous roles with diverse organizations. Several even share their expertise through lecturing in various Human Resources departments.

  • Professional Team

    NextGen's IT solutions are a result of the excellent team of experienced and dedicated professionals.

  • Energetic Team

    Our team consists of young and energetic professionals who have graduated from highly recognized universities and have proven their expertise during their studies and previous work experiences.

Ambresh Biradar

Head of Business Development

15+ years into Business Development, Recruitments, Talent Acquisition, Client Acquisition, Team Management, Account Management & Delivery.

Sourabh Tamanur

Sr. Digital Marketer & Full Stack Lead

Full-stack digital marketer with 7 years' experience; specialize in SEO, WordPress, PPC, email marketing, with proven success in diverse business environments.

Lavanya Mankala

Lead Talent Acquisition

Having 7yrs into talent Acquisition, End to End recruitment, team handing.